Hurricane Florence Heading For a Destructive Strike on East Coast

Until now, the 2018 Hurricane season has been quiet. This has all changed recently as three storms have kicked up and are heading toward the US.

Hurricane Florence will lash the Carolinas and Virginia late Thursday as an intense hurricane with life-threatening storm surge, destructive winds, and potentially catastrophic inland rainfall flooding in one of the strongest strikes on record for this part of the East Coast.

While not directly impacted by Hurricane Florence, New Jersey could be affected, depending on the path the storm takes once it makes landfall. New Jersey has seen record amounts of rain this summer making for soggy conditions. Additional rain and wind can lead to flooding, falling trees, and power outages.

Be prepared and be protected:

  • Review your homeowners policy for accuracy
  • Check your sump pumps and consider battery back ups
  • Remove dead or compromised tree limbs
  • Clean out gutters and storm drains
  • Keep a full supply of gas on hand for generators
  • Check flashlights and have new batteries on hand *While cell phones have built in flashlights, they consume much of the devices battery life. Conserve your cell phone for communications. Use a flashlight for light.

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